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RocketRoute Fuel is an app that can be used through mobile, iOS, Android or desktop enabling you to check prices, directly order and pay for fuel.


Pricing perfected

Check the fuel prices at a location, and we'll give you the correct fuel price for you, direct from the supplier. No contract required.

Less fuss, more thrust!

Register your credit or Air BP account with the app to pay for fuel. No cards required at the airport.

Peace of Mind

Guaranteed fuel releases, arranged before you fly. Be assured the airport will be expecting you.

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RocketRoute Fuel is an app that can be used through mobile, iOS, Android or desktop, enabling a user to check prices, directly order and pay for fuel.

Simply register with the free service, check prices at an airport, then order the fuel by registering your payment details. Show your fuel release on the app. Fuel and Go. Payment is only automatically taken once you have fuelled.

If you hold an account with Air BP, simply enter your account number in the app's prompt. We will populate your aircraft and Air BP card details automatically.

No need for a contract with Air BP, you can pay through the app with your credit or debit card.

No, you register your preferred payment method through the app. No need to show your card at the airport. You will get a fuel release confirmation email instead. Show this to the operator upon fuelling. Fuel and go. We will only process your payment once you have fuelled.

Fuel requests through RocketRoute Fuel will be processed promptly. You can make requests once you have landed at the airport, as well as pre-plan for any upcoming flights.

RocketRoute Fuel currently supports Air BP locations. Further airports will be available shortly. Available airports will appear on the app automatically.

If you want to request fuel for a particular location, contact RocketRoute's support team through the Fuel Desk button on the app.

You can check prices and order the fuel you require for your aircraft, on the date you are set to arrive or depart.

There is no charge to use RocketRoute Fuel. It is a free app with no subscription or contract charges.

There is no additional fuel cost to use the service. The price you see is the price you pay.

Please note, as with traditional fuelling services, some locations may charge fixed operational fees.

You can request JET FUEL and AVGAS through RocketRoute Fuel.

The minimum amount of fuel you may request is 1 unit, the maximum amount is 500,000 units.

You are able to request fuel up to two weeks in advance.

RocketRoute Fuel currently supports Air BP locations, however we're working to increase our supplier network and will keep you updated on other suppliers as they join us.

Once you request fuel through the RocketRoute Fuel app, a fuel release is promptly created by our team and sent to the operator at an airport, with the time and date you require fuel. This is kept on file until you arrive and have fuelled. Thus ensuring an airport knows when you're coming, or if you've already arrived.

Check your emails for the copy of your fuel release confirmation you would have received when ordering through RocketRoute Fuel.

If you cannot find your fuel release confirmation, contact RocketRoute's support team through the Fuel Desk button on the app.

RocketRoute is a company providing aviation innovation through new technologies that simplify the complexities of flight planning, and now fuel purchasing for private pilots, owners, operators and flight departments. Founded in 2010, RocketRoute's mission is to make flight planning easy and straightforward for all.

Air BP have been working together with RocketRoute, and acquired a minority stake in the company in April 2016.